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Ever Elusive 01

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Nick was just fixing his photography equipment in the studio for customers have gone down for the day, and besides his services are needed at their second shop which suddenly had more customers than usual. Then a problem came as he was about to leave and Nick was really having a hard-time solving that for not only that the problem is taking his focus away, his concern for not getting to the other branch early is quite high, that's because his boss sometimes does not take excuses and just lecture him for being late. That's why Nick is hurrying-up for he knows there won't be any rescue, mainly because his co-worker there abandoned him for a bit and the other seems to be not hearing him outside no matter how hard he called for help!

Escape players, Nick here is having a situation and he can't just destroy the door so he can escape, the escape factor is quite elusive but Nick is not going to give-up though and he shall continue to find his way out. Care to join in the escape here with Nick and see if you can get yourself out of the photo studio?

Ever Elusive 01 is the newest point and click room escape game created by 5n Games.

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