New Year Party Forest Escape Game

New Year Party Forest Escape

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Your friend didn’t communicate with you for the last four years. You thought your friendship died in its natural death. One day, he just didn’t reply to your messages anymore. You sometimes could see him posting updates or even seeing your messages. But you never got a reply. You waited for a few months more thinking he was just busy. And so you did. You stopped sending messages often as it may bother him. You thought once he found the time, he’d make some time to tell what was happening. But it never happened. It was like you were kept in the dark. You felt really bad about it that you were tempted so many times to send him all the things you wanted to say. However it seemed unfair to him. If he wanted to stop being friends, then you should just accept it.

So you stopped sending messages as well. But you still kept him in your contact. Then on the New Year of the fourth year. He sent you a message. He said a surprise was waiting in your favorite part of the forest. You somehow just wanted to find it and return it back to him. But would you? Play New Year Party Forest Escape outdoor escape game made by WoW Escape.

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