Find The Pyramid Palm Leaf Script

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“Look for the Palm Leaf Script in the pyramid”. You turned the paper over and over again hoping there was something else written there. It was given to you by a stranger on the street. He casually held you’re your hand, placed the note, and closed your hand. You didn’t have the time to ask who he was or from whom the note was from. You went home still puzzled over what happened. Then a knock on the door came and the mailman handed you quite a thick envelope. You also wanted to ask him questions but he immediately left. Then it hit you. He was the same man who handed you the note on the street. You went out of your house hoping to finally get some answers. But it seemed like he vanished into nothingness. You went back inside your house and found your bags packed.

You sat down confused when another knock came on the door. This time it was a chauffeur taking you to the airport. Everything was happening too fast that it seemed like you were just whisked away and ended up following everything you were told. You finally faced the pyramid and your mission to find the palm leaf script started. Play Find The Pyramid Palm Leaf Script outdoor escape game created by Games 2 Rule.