Roma Escape For New Year Party 2022

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Roma and Alec will be going to this new year party later just before new year comes. And so Alec prepared himself and he was done quickly, he was only waiting for Roma now to get herself done in their room. After a while Alec finally snapped and thought what was taking her so long, and so he checked until he found Roma actually trapped inside their room!

Alec was concerned then for something like this never happens in the house. Was the knob broken? Was the entire door jammed or something? Alec doesn’t know. But he knows he needs to get Roma out for she is the kind of girl who panics. Thankfully she is currently relaxed but still Alec needs be quick on this. Escape players, Alec doesn’t know exactly what’s the problem here and that’s why he needs help so that this can be done and they can both finally leave. Want to help him then so he can get this problem solved and get his girl Roma safely out? Careful on this then so you won’t make a mistake.

Roma Escape For New Year Party 2022 is the newest point and click game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Roma Escape For New Year Party 2022

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