Friends New Year Party Escape

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Nestor was now heading home after attending this new year party and he left his friend there for he really wants to stay, okay then he told him to be careful and left. Morning came and the first thing that greeted Nestor was this call coming from his phone, he answered it and it was his friend who right-now needs help!

Nestor responded right-away for right-now he seems to be trapped in the party venue and he has nobody with him there! So he actually never left the place? Well seems like it, looks like he really took a heavy one this new year. Nestor arrives in the place and now his search for his friend begins for he doesn’t seem to be in the general area of the establishment. As Nestor tried to find him, that actually took a lot of effort until he was successful with that, and that’s when he knew why his friend could not escape from this place, for he was actually trapped in a room there! Nestor called for help then but there was no response, that adds to the weirdness of this situation here, but if nobody is coming then he’ll help his friend here on his own. Escape players, want to help Nestor here rescue his friend? Go ahead then and be ready, for you have no idea what’s really happening here.

Friends New Year Party Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by Hidden O Games.

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Walkthrough video for Friends New Year Party Escape

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