Green Autumn Forest Escape Game

Green Autumn Forest Escape

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You're very excited to visit the place you have always dreamed about. It's where on of your most favorite drama was filmed. Many of your celebrity crushes also recommends to visit this place especially in autumn. The trees here change their colors during autumn giving the place a magical golden glow. You just can't wait to see it for yourself. You even want to go to the place with a blindfold on to surprise yourself. But it may distract others and focus their attention on you and you just can't have that. So you quietly walked down the stairs of the boat towards the dock. You can see so many people flocking on the dock that you aren't able to look beyond them. You see an opening and hurriedly move further inside the island. You're expecting to see trees with golden colors and fallen leaves all over the place.

But what you find are green trees. You can't believe what you're seeing. You feel like you arrived too early. So you look for a place to sit to double check the date. To your horror, it shows that you're in the island a month earlier. Something strange is going on and you have to get out of there fast. Play Green Autumn Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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