Mystery Strawberry Forest Escape

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It’s time for a new adventure! And this time Randall thought maybe he can do it at the strawberry forest which was in no less mysterious. The place is not at all different, but people gets lost in there occasionally and Randall thought maybe he will as well! That’s why he expected for his adventure to be not so easy to solve at least if something happens. Well something did and it’s a good thing Randall expected it, only he didn’t expect how hard of an adventure he will be going through there.

At first it was good, the wild strawberries there are quite big, probably because of their soil? Or the temperature? Well whatever the factor is those strawberries are quite the specimen. Randall journeyed even further adhering to the warning of not taking anything from the place, but soon enough he’ll have to, for he finally got lost and he is really having a hard-time navigating! Randall did not include the factor if he ever gets lost, what he’ll do initially and the time as well before the sun sets. That’s why your help escape players is now needed. Will you be able to help Randall here navigate for he really needs it now?

Mystery Strawberry Forest Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Mystery Strawberry Forest Escape

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