Weasel Escape From Forest

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There is this weasel that got stuck in one of the houses in Nick’s area and it’s quite bad for the animal got stuck in the house he can’t really open! Well at least not that instant for the keys to it are missing. Nick didn’t want to break the door for he’ll have to repair it then which might cost him money and especially effort as well as time, he can’t also leave that weasel there so the only way for this is to find the keys to the structure so he can then get the animal out.

Escape players, that key could be anywhere, well wherever it is it shouldn’t be in any other place than just in the immediate area. Will you help Nick here so he can free that weasel which he didn’t even know how it even got in there? Open other compartments then to find that missing key and try a few things too, for maybe it’ll work just as good as the key.

Come test your skills and logic here on this rescue for a trapped animal everyone! Weasel Escape From Forest is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Weasel Escape From Forest


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