Graceful Pink Cat Escape

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The village which was once a military base but was decommissioned, is now a village. But that too is somehow not going to last for people started to move out of the place and now, the area is starting to be taken once again by nature. As one of the last few remaining residents there, Gillian has this one creature who keeps her happy and joyful amidst to what is happening now in their area, and that is a little active and pink cat!

The creature loved to play and frolic around, it really is at home in the messy place there and she is definitely going to bring her when she move someplace else someday. But one day however, something happened to that cat and now Gillian is definitely on to the rescue! She has a strong feeling that the cat went into that cave which was not safe, for people have been there before and they never came out! Hopefully it’s not in there and it’s just inside some compartment or somewhere. Escape players, Gillian is to the rescue here for her cat because it hasn’t return for a while and she thought it might be in trouble! That’s really scaring her. Will you be able to help in finding it and potentially rescue it?

Graceful Pink Cat Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Palani Games.