Scary Palace Witch Escape

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There is this castle witch and she lives only by the name of the king, she was once evil, well at least lessened for now, but she owes her life to the king and that’s why she serves him and his people. The witch was quite gorgeous though, but anybody whose not the king shouldn’t bother with her, for even though she is just lazying around her part of the castle all day, she is still mighty dangerous. That day however, she seems to be in need of help and because the king was away, the castle guard in-charge of keeping her in line has no choice but to respond even though he is really thinking this is not a good idea.

The guard was Rook and as he sees the situation, the witch seems to be trapped in one of the rooms in the castle, can’t she escape on her own? There seems to be something fishy happening here, but Rook is only going to be careful and if he sees a slight strange thing there, he is bailing and calling the battalion. Escape players, Rook is doing this step by step for he doesn’t want to get turned into a frog, went to help him on this rescue for the witch?

Scary Palace Witch Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Palani Games.