Mungos Rescue

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The desert area in Africa is home to these mungos, it’s a type of mongoose and just like such animals, they are quite similar in appearance. But that day as Nestor was out in the wilderness just looking around and carefully, he found a mungos which was very different in appearance for it was in the color fuchsia! Nestor was definitely astonished of the sight, why would that creature be in such a color? That’s only the least of his concerns though, for the animal was also trapped in a cage.

At first Nestor didn’t know what to do whether he’ll free the animal or not, for the cage might be from a poacher who is armed and right-now, he could already be in his sights! But he can’t just let such a peculiar animal fall into the wrong hands, for they’ll just sell it to the highest bidder to some collector and for Nestor, he knows he’ll take good care of it and preserve its strange quality. It took Nestor quite a while to decide, but eventually he decided to free the animal even though he is facing a great risk here. Escape players, Nestor will have a little challenge on that first, for he needs to unlock the cage without damaging the thing too much and maybe set it again if he is able to retrieve the animal. Will you come and help Nestor here?

Mungos Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue scape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Mungos Rescue

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