Spaceship Escape (365 Escape)

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You just woke-up and found yourself in a very unusual place, and that is in a really modern spaceship! Why you knew this? Well that’s because you are looking at Earth in one of its windows! You really tried to analyze if it was real and in your final verdict, it wasn’t some LED real screen or anything, you were really in orbit around the planet on some really modern spaceship you somehow know doesn’t belong to humans. Well you don’t know if it’s from aliens too for there are no lifeforms in the place other than you, so this is still a mystery. But whatever you are in though, you need to escape one way or another before this ship moves to another solar system or somewhere.

Escape players, the ship you are in is still a mystery whether it’s from humans or aliens, but you are starting to lean to aliens for if this ship is from earth then there should be some signs on the hallways or any familiar symbols, but no just lights and unknown technology. You are now in the situation here you didn’t even know how you got into, will you be able to escape before it’s too late?

Spaceship Escape is a brand new point and click space vessel escape game from 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Spaceship Escape (365 Escape)


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