Forest Red Owl Escape

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The owner of the old house in the forest had finally passed for after years of taking care of him, his neighbor Jenkins have helped in loads of stuff for he can’t really do anything on his own. And because he doesn’t have any family, then that makes his life a little more difficult. That’s why Jenkins helped him for who would help each other there but them in the vast wilderness which they chose to live in. Before the old guy passed however, he had requested Jenkins to give the entire place to his son which he didn’t even know! He never talked about family and that’s why Jenkins assumed he doesn’t have any. Jenkins of course said yes to his request but as for the animals living there, he gave them all to Jenkins and the last one there is this treasured red owl of his. Seems pretty easy enough to retrieve and take care, he promised to take good care of it but little did he know that retrieving it will be a little harder.

Jenkins returns to the old guy’s home but somehow he can’t get the red owl out! For that day it is inside its cage which has a lock and he doesn’t know where the key to it is, and another is that cage is inside one of the locked houses! Jenkins didn’t know he will be facing a problem here and he doesn’t know if he can even fix it, but he will definitely try for that bird must be starving now or thirsty. Escape players, want to help Jenkins here rescue the red owl he was tasked to take good care of?

Forest Red Owl Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Forest Red Owl Escape


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