Astronaut Spaceship Escape

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Living in this new colony have not been easy lately, for earth is far away and supplies are hard to procure. Staff there had to wait until the next shipment of replenishment which can take months. As an astronaut there specifically the mechanic who makes fixes in the different rooms of the capsules, Gil has a very important job and his skills of keeping this tiny place here livable is very vital. And that day once again he will be needed for the secondary hatch which opens-up to the air-lock experienced some issues and now it wouldn’t open.

Gil needs to respond to this, for his teammate is currently in the air-lock and he cannot get inside for the door was busted. This teammate of his went out of the capsules for he made some adjustments outside, and now he is needed back in. Okay, Gil needs to get this hatch fix so that his teammate can enter. Escape players, Gil needs a little assistance here on this problem now, so will you help him so that this problem can be solved quickly? Carefully with this fix now, for these hatches are what separates these habitable capsules from open space and one mistake can be deadly.

Astronaut Spaceship Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Astronaut Spaceship Escape

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