Rescue The Cat (8b Games) Game

Rescue The Cat (8b Games)

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Lexi went to the cat forest nearby not just for an adventure and a mini-vacation, but of course to be with the cats there. Even though some of them have no clear owner, they are tamed to humans even to strangers. It's nice to be with them and Lexi is a real animal lover especially to cats. As she roams around the area though, she began to see a patch of kittens near the side of a rocky hill, they are meowing and rubbing their bodies on the sides of something man-made and when Lexi checked what it is, she couldn't believe her eyes what she saw.

The cats are actually rubbing on a side of a cage and inside it was a cat! So that's what they are doing, but that cage shouldn't be there unless, if it is for the cats. Lexi decided she'll get that cat out before it gets hurt and or if that certain someone who set that trap there returns and retrieve his or her catch, she'll have to do this carefully and quickly, at the same time watching her back. Escape players, want to help Lexi here free a cat which was trapped in a cage in the middle of the forest?

Rescue The Cat is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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