Monkey Go Happy – Stage 298 Game

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 298

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The sun's heating was beating down badly at your area. You sometimes wondered if your ancestors had done something wrong for the sun to be giving off this much heat. It was supposed to be a joke when you asked your mother about it. But she looked at you with a surprised expression. She asked you about where you heard this information. You told her it was just something you thought about. She asked you to take a seat in the dining room. You know the talk would be serious if your mom wants you to sit in the dining room. Then she began telling you about the history of your ancestors and the sun. Your ancestors used to beg the gods for a brighter light and a stronger heat. The god in charge of this granted their wishes and they thanked him nonstop. 

However as days passed, it became harder and harder to bare. Your monkey ancestors began talking about it low voices wishing it would be reduced. The god didn't like the monkeys talking behind his back. He indeed lessened the light and decreased the heat. But there were times when he would bring it up again. So you have to fulfill the mission to appease the god. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 298 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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