Rescue Farmhouse Cow Game

Rescue Farmhouse Cow

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Vacation was almost over but you felt like you weren't able to rest at all. You were always in front of your laptop trying to make your business work. You were mostly called for meetings and other stuffs. As long as you have your phone and laptop on, you were always needed by somebody. So to really experience a good vacation, you decided to stay in your farmhouse. It had a wide area where your parents used to care for animals. They decided to stay in the city since it was closer relative to their medical needs. No one was taking of your farmhouse and you even wondered if the animals were still alive. You asked your dad about this and he said the animals were taken in by the neighbors. You felt a sense of relief knowing no one was suffering there.

You set out early leaving your laptop but carrying with you your phone. The signal wasn't so strong there so you wouldn't be able to use the internet. For the first time in a very long time, this was good news to you. You arrived there and immediately head out to breathe in the fresh air. Looking around you found a cow alone in the farmhouse. You couldn't let that cow stay there. Play Rescue Farmhouse Cow outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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