Escape From Fantasy World Level 11 Game

Escape From Fantasy World Level 11

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You couldn't remember if you had been here before or not. This 11th Fantasy World looked like a place far from where you had been. You somehow couldn't remember what your world looked like but this wasn't like this fantasy one. You walked along the path and looked at the things surrounding you. There were many items you wanted to pick up. But when you tried picking up something that wasn't needed for quest, an earthquake happened. The things surrounding you changed their places and those that you have seen were lost again. So you began to be very careful with your movements. However, you wouldn't know if that was the right thing or not if you wouldn't pick it up. You tried a couple more times and the fantasy world shook a lot. But after a while the shaking stopped no matter how many items you get.

It was making you carry heavy things though. So you placed the items down once more and picked the ones you would truly need. It was exhausting physically and mentally but you knew that if you would stay still then you would be facing far more complicated things. Play Escape From Fantasy World Level 11 outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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