Monkey Go Happy - Stage 206 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 206

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Living in what most creatures would consider the future makes it hard for you to imagine the past. You know things are also great during that time. They had things that their own hands worked on. It seemed like most of the things present during that time had essences of all the people who worked hard to make them. Unlike in your current world where everything is just a touch of a button away. You know it makes things easier and more efficient. But you still want to experience the charm of having to exert more effort to accomplish something. You also want to experience working on something for days and see the material gradually being complete through your own work. Thinking about it makes you smile and take a deep breath. You shouldn't have done it though as the fairies mistaken it for a wish.

You feel yourself being pulled back somewhere. Then upon opening your eyes, you find yourself in the olden days. Your initial reaction for the first few hours is overflowing happiness. But it slowly turns into worry as you have to look for your own way back. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 206 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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