Monkey Go Happy - Stage 197 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 197

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It was a sunny day and your mind was floating back and forth between dreams and realities. You planned for an adventure in the coming month. But you couldn't stop thinking about it already. Some creatures found you foolish for focusing on the future. However, this made you face reality and all its challenges braver than when you didn't have anything to hope for. You were just closing your eyes under the shade of the tree when you heard someone calling your name. You opened your eyes to see your friend waving at you from the other side of the fence. He was smiling brightly and you felt like he had good news to share. You invited him over but he refused to enter saying he had some other errands to do. So instead you walked closer to him. Then he handed over an envelop.

He immediately left while you were opening the envelop. It contained a letter about your Monkey Go Happy adventure. It seemed like your schedule came earlier than you hoped and you couldn't wait to start it instantly. You were ready to have fun and solve all the challenges that'd face you. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 197 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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