Cliff Cottage Escape Game

Cliff Cottage Escape

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You know you're going to be in trouble once you run out of food. Your club organizes a trip to a place near the sea to search for inspirations for your new collection. You get together on the weekends and work on your artworks. Everyone in this group is always ready to give a hand to finish each other's projects. There was a time when you already gave up on art. You were too caught up with work. You thought you'd never have time for it. However, meeting the kids at the orphanage changed your views. Your works impressed them. It fueled you to keep working on your passion. You visit them every after meeting with your club to show them what you would do next. Then they would all jump up and down seeing your finished work.

This month's theme is summer paradise. To receive more inspiration you head off to a beach with a cliff. Your roommate is the most out of this world member you have. You can be in a world of your own when working so it doesn't bother you. But she changes into a weirder person when she's hungry. Play Cliff Cottage Escape room escape game by Mirchigames.

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