Monkey Go Happy - Stage 181 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 181

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Your dreams could sometimes take you to wonderful places where you didn't want to leave. However, sometimes it would take you to places you wanted to leave instantly. And it only became worse from that. In places where you wanted to stay, you would wake up easily. You would try to go back to sleep to visit the place again. But you just couldn't go back to sleep. Then again, when you were dreaming of a place you didn't want to visit, you'd find it hard to wake up. And it happened again. Before going to sleep that night, you listened to some relaxing music. You also read a book that could help you sleep better. However, the moment you closed your eyes, a dream immediately appeared. You waited for a while to check what it was about. Upon seeing that you were in a dungeon, you tried waking up.

But you just couldn't stop your dream. And when this happened, you had to explore the world your dream brought you in and find your own way out. You saw some tiny monkeys and you were hoping they'd help you find your way. Yet they just turned out as some requirements. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 181 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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