Save The Princess

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Summer always meant vacation and adventures for you. But you weren’t expecting a princess to join you. You woke up early that day to cover a wider space. You would have to be back to your workplace the following week even if it was your vacation. There was always something to do there and it seemed like your boss never wanted to go home. He could just spend his vacations there on his own. But it must be lonely for him. So he required his employees to be back. You wanted to see places that was far from your office. And you thought an adventure outside the city might just do the trick. You made sure to have your camera with you. Pictures could give you a boost of happiness when work became a bit too much. Your first stop was an old castle.

While walking around, your mind wandered to how it would have been back when royalties still ruled the place. Your thoughts were disturbed by a noise you heard somewhere in the castle. You called out hoping a fellow visitor would reply. However, what you heard was a girl’s voice. You followed it until you found a princess in need of help. You were not sure if you went back in time or the girl was already a ghost. What you knew for sure was she needed help. Play Save The Princess outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.