The Sparrow King 3 Game

The Sparrow King 3

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You were still inside a kingdom that seemed to have no end. You had been circling the place a couple of times already. But with every complete circle you make, there were always challenges that popped up. And after going through each, you may move on to another part of the kingdom where more challenges wait. You should be used to all of it by now. However, you still wished you could see a map of all the challenges and rooms you had to passed through. You didn't mean to do something that would bring you this curse. You were just sharing a piece of your mind. Then again, no one appreciated it. And instead turned into a weapon and used against you. You couldn't do anything about it now. You just had to find your way out and hopefully stop the future rooms from engulfing you.

While you familiarize yourself with the place, you slowly began to spot the items that would help. However, you wanted to be cautious as some of them might also cause you harm. And you couldn't just carelessly throw yourself into more trouble. Or you'll be here forever. Play The Sparrow King 3 room escape game by NSR Games.

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