Monkey Go Happy - Stage 162 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 162

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Not everyone in your world had an internet connection. They didn't want your world to be known to other creatures. So they tried to stop others from using it as well. However, you met wonderful creatures on the internet. You were even more comfortable with them than with the creatures in your world. You felt that they judged you less and only cared for the real you. Sometimes you doubt this as you haven't seen each other in person. But the good things were the easiest to believe. You continued communicating with them until one of them invited you over. You couldn't believe what you heard. Your world was all you ever knew before the internet. But there was a huge chance for you to explore other worlds as well. You needed to think about it for a while though since the elders wouldn't want you leaving.

However, the tiny monkeys in your world had other ideas. They immediately replied to your friends after you left the internet running. In an instant you were in a new world with them. But you weren't ready for the temperature there. And you have to leave before freezing. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 162 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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