Valentine Day Ring Escape Game

Valentine Day Ring Escape

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Your local library lacked staff one day and you decided to take over the position. It was nearing the end of the school year and many students would surely flock it. They would be very busy with their projects and outputs to submit. And you knew that the library could need all the help it could get. You were very willing of course but not without other motives. One book in your house was from that library. But it wasn't returned for many decades. Strangely enough, no one came looking for it as well. You found it while cleaning your own library. It was at the topmost shelf. And it was gathering dust. You read through it and discovered something you knew no one else should know. The remaining half of that book remained in the library and you were out to get it.

The whole place was already buzzing. So you slip away after acquiring what you needed. And you immediately went to the house where the ring was. This ring could answer mankind's greatest questions about Valentine's Day. Then again, you already knew it wouldn't be that easy. Play Valentine Day Ring Escape room escape game by Knf Games.

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