Valentines Day Escape Game

Valentines Day Escape

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Your girlfriend really liked to travel. She enjoyed places near or far as long as she could be out of her house even for a while. You enjoyed travelling as well. But what you didn't like was commuting. You really didn't enjoy having to fall in line and buy tickets and be with strangers. So you bought a car you could use for your travels. Your girlfriend didn't know about this yet. And you were planning to surprise her. It was Valentine's Day. And you thought that it would be a good day for surprises. Before leaving home, you prepared all your surprises for her. You even called the restaurant to set up additional decorations and prepare the foods your girlfriend would surely love. You were really excited to show all of the surprises for the day when your dad called.

He wanted to ask some help in surprising your mom as well. And all it needed was a phone call to the right people. You were able to solve the problem in an instant. You were about to leave your house when you realized your key was not in your pocket. Play Valentines Day Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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