Find The Valentines Day Rose

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Even the robots in another planet experience love and they even celebrate Valentine’s day! Well, humans made them and their traditions stuck with them as well. There was this robot couple who were really in-love, the masculine robot was suppose to give her partner a bouquet of artificial flowers that day, but the thing was he couldn’t find it anywhere!

The robot’s sensor cannot detect this bouquet anywhere, and even though he is AI, he doesn’t know where to begin looking for it. Escape players, you are the human here and you have initiatives, will you be able to help find this bouquet so that the robot man can give his Valentine’s gift to his partner?

Find The Valentines Day Rose is a brand new point-and-click item retrieval game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Valentines Day Rose

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1 year ago

Would not let me input the word from the book. Didn’t stop me from finishing the game though