Monkey Go Happy - Stage 134 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 134

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One of the monkeys is send out for another mission. This will not stop until everyone gets to experience how it is to be out on a mission. And just like the previous monkeys, the worry on his face can't be erased. He almost give up even before the start. But the elders talk some sense to him. Everyone must undergo such trials to be stronger in the greater challenges they might be facing. The monkey on a mission is finding it hard to accept the truth. However he has no other way around it. The tiny monkeys are already dispersing. And the people in the location are waiting for help to arrive. So he takes a deep breath and take his first step. He realizes it's not that bad at all. But the tears just keep on forming on his eyes.

Then again, he feels so much better now. After a few minutes in his location, he already spots the tiny creatures. And he encounters his first creature to help. He may feel overwhelmed at first. But as soon as he gets the hang of things, he'll be able to finish this mission in no time. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 134 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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