Rat Escape (Games Zone 15) Game

Rat Escape (Games Zone 15)

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You think you have the smartest rat. You want to perform the experiments done by Piaget. So you buy a rat from the pet store. You're not planning anything gruesome with the rat. You just want to try out the theories you've been reading from many sources. It will surely take a great deal of patience and perseverance to see the any results. But you're very willing to wait and try many things. You spend a lo of time making your mazes and food dispensers. Then the time comes for the rat to try it out. But instead of going through the maze, the rat just chews its way to the food dispenser. You're about to feel disappointment. Yet this kind of reaction doesn't appear in any of the articles you've read. You're thinking the rat might just behave this way in this maze.

So you transfer the rat to your other mazes. But all your efforts making those mazes just turns into bits as the rat continues to chew its way. Just then, your doorbell rings. You walk out of your room to check who it is. But there's no one. You hurry back to your room to find your rat missing and the window wide open. Play Rat Escape (Games Zone 15) room escape game by Games Zone 15.

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