Thanksgiving House Escape (Sivi Games) Game

Thanksgiving House Escape (Sivi Games)

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Nobody knows this, but you dream to be the greatest escape artist. Your parents even have a video of you crawling out of your crib when you were just a baby. They never saw you do it. It seems like you're already aware of the presence of human beings at such a young age. But you have no problem doing your escape stunts in front of cameras. You keep on practicing in secret. You once gave hints to your parents about it, but they gave a negative response. So you just keep your greatest dream to yourself. However, you keep on practicing to be better at it. And you're very well aware of the fact that it's not only the body that needs practice. You also need to work on your mental capacity. For this, you keep on practicing solving puzzles and figuring out logic.

You haven't found the perfect venue for your skills yet. That is until today. Your friend asks you to check out a house for his real estate business. You enter the house to asses it when the door suddenly closes. A glint in your eyes immediately appears and your escape artist self, arises. Play Thanksgiving House Escape (Sivi Games) room escape game by Sivi Games.

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