Modern Kitchen Room Escape Game

Modern Kitchen Room Escape

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One by one the rooms in Paul's house are getting renovated and he is very much happy with the results, that's because they are getting more luxurious as the repairs finishes. The first renovation was in his living-room and when it was done, it was absolutely great! So to follow with that the kitchen was also renovated and it was done, it got even wider and much better for the eyes. That day, Paul was getting ready to watch something in the family room which has a huge TV, but after he took some food from the kitchen however he realized there was a problem and it was serious enough that he had to put his food down!

Paul realized that he is now trapped in the kitchen for the main-door was now locked and wouldn't open! Paul doesn't know what's going-on but he has a huge hunch that this is not ordinary. Paul must solve this now if he wants to get himself out of the kitchen, escape players will you help him out and have your skills tested as well?

Come and give this one a go then! Modern Kitchen Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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