Farmhouse Pig Escape Game

Farmhouse Pig Escape

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There had been an issue way back in town where Bo went and it cost him half the day until he was able to make it back to his farm. There are a lot of chores that needs to be done that were suppose to be finished a while ago, he should get a helper sometime for he wasn't getting any younger doing all this. One of the chores was to free the pig so it can go wade in the river and be fresh, it had already been its habit ever since it was a piglet and now it still does that. Sometimes it even swims in the river and Bo loved watching that.

As Bo was about to let his pig out, he realized that he couldn't for the fence's doors are so old that they finally broke-down and was jammed. Well, he can't just destroy the fence so the pig can go out, he needs his tools quick so he can still finish the chores before sundown. Escape players, will you help Bo here with a problem at the pig's pen before the day gets too late?

Farmhouse Pig Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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