Haunted Restaurant Escape Game

Haunted Restaurant Escape

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The luxurious restaurant was once a glorious place in the city but when the place got abandoned decades ago, the structure had been as well. Now it stands as one of the scariest structures in the abandoned city. That day even though the entire area is off-limits, Ian still went there for he thinks that the restaurant because it is luxurious, it might have some valuable things in it. And so, he went without reminding himself of what he might face there. Stories have circulated before that the place was haunted, that's most definitely so in the rooms above it, but those were from the times the place was still operational, Ian doesn't know about now though, it might have gone down or became worst!

Ian was now inside the restaurant fearlessly moving through the old halls which was rickety, he needs to be very careful with this for if he makes a mistake then one step could end him. Well he already made a mistake though, and that's coming to the place initially! Escape players, Ian will eventually encounter a problem there and you can call it self-infliction, but you will still place yourself in his situation and try if you can escape from it. Come and test yourself with this one!

Haunted Restaurant Escape is a brand new point and click abandoned indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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