Smart Chef Kitchen Escape

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Emmanuel has a schedule to train with his master chef again that day and also to help him with some dishes he was tasked to cater for some party. Emmanuel very much likes this and that’s probably a thing he likes more than the rest of their activities, and that’s where he will help on dishes his sir chef is tasked of, that’s because that way he’ll be able to learn more than their weekly sessions where he only gets to learn to properly make one or two dishes. As he arrived at the chef’s kitchen though as all of his students calls it, there was a problem there and as the first student who arrived, he must help on that problem!

Emmanuel found the kitchen where they do most of their tasks locked, initially he thought he came in too early, he was indeed early but not too much though, but then he noticed that the chef was trapped in that locked room there! Emmanuel realized that when he heard his master on the other side calling for help, he was trapped and he doesn’t understand why his door was now shut. Emmanuel has no clue as well, but he will help his master here now for he needs it. Escape players, Emmanuel knows they have a busy day coming, so this is definite hold-up on all tasks here and that’s why he needs to help on this right now. Will you help Emmanuel here as well so that this can be solved faster?

Smart Chef Kitchen Escape is the newest point-and-click indoor rescue escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Smart Chef Kitchen Escape

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