Missing Squirrel Love Rescue Game

Missing Squirrel Love Rescue

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Darius has this pet squirrels who were a pair and he wants them to breed so that he can contribute to the declining populations of squirrels in the forest where he lives. The two are very tamed and actually already matured, he is just waiting for the right season when they will have little squirrels of their own and when they are weaned, he can set them free. But there was an issue however one day and that gave Darius a whole lot of work throughout the day.

One of the squirrels just escaped from his house and he thought the creature will just come back after nightfall, but he can't risk it for there are traps and hunters in the place which that squirrel can unfortunately stumble into, that's why he decided to find that pair somewhere in the forest by checking-out trees and just minute clues which can eventually lead to it. Escape players, it will not be an easy task for the forest has its own squirrels and that can raise different factors and absolutely hinder in finding that squirrel, but he is willing to take that challenge though, will you have that determination as well? Try your best then,place yourself on the shoes of Darius on this forest rescue.

Missing Squirrel Love Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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