Find The Missing Camera

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The forest here is beautiful, it is really nice to take some photos there, that’s why Robert was there for he is a photographer and he’ll take some images in the place for his portfolio. As he went around, something happened unfortunately which spiraled to a very dumbfounding situation.

Robert dropped his camera as he was in a cave there deep in the forest, that is really nothing but the camera dropped on top of a big green snake! Robert don’t know if this snake is venomous or not, but he can’t just leave his camera there for that is basically his life. Robert needs to go and get his camera, but that snake is really in defense mode now, still he needs to get that thing. Escape players, want to help Robert here get his camera back and safely for the both of them?

Find The Missing Camera is a new point-and-click wilderness item retrieval escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Missing Camera

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