Hug Day Escape Game

Hug Day Escape

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Hug day was also implemented in the town alongside Valentine's day and everyone is advised to hug everyone in their home for the occasion. Some people did not observe but for the rest, something happened after they hugged and it was one weird thing they experienced right after. Hug day was actually a cover-up to perform a spell! The curse was from the dark witch who lives in the wilderness nearby and she is irritated with the people living in the said town.

The curse goes that if everyone in their homes celebrated hug day, it will trigger something in their house and it will locked them inside unable to get themselves out! One such person who did just this was Ronnie after he hugged his daughter, now they are both trapped in their own house. Ronnie and his daughter is isolated inside their house so they don't know what's actually up, they just tried their best to escape their house but they couldn't unfortunately now matter how hard they tried. Escape players, Ronnie needs help here to get himself and his daughter out for he is really confused now, he can't just sit in the rooms and do nothing. There is got to be a way to escape so, you have to be clever.

Hug Day Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Amgel Escape.

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