Valentines House Escape Game

Valentines House Escape

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The Valentine house is not so old and it was built for couples to stay in only just recently, as a person who cleans the place, Hanna must always be there for the place is not only just one house but a lot of it! Hanna was assigned to at least 3 of the houses and it's just her second here among her daily work from three. Hanna begins her work once again in the house and it was normal like the first one she cleaned, but something happened there though which raised Hanna's eyebrows for the situation was definitely not typical.

Hanna just got locked inside the house and she doesn't even know what hit her, for when she checked herself for the keys, she realized it were missing! Did this happen simultaneously while she got locked inside the place and it so happens that the keys then went missing? Seems like a pretty tight coincidence which was also a bit impossible, but Hanna is going to try and get herself out still for she has more tasks to finish. Escape players, care to join Hanna here on this escape through the rooms in of the couple's house?

Valentines House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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