Wooden Container House Escape Game

Wooden Container House Escape

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The wooden container house which had stationed for a while near Joel's house had been okay, the owner even asked permission to just hang around for a bit just so when the winter is calm enough so he can travel again. Joel was once invited in there too and even though he thought the house is just a simple one looking at it from the outside, in actually it was very modern inside! So that's why the guy is able to live in there comfortably, it had everything one needs to survive and more. One cold day however, Joel didn't expect that the owner of the place would get in-trouble there and now he needs help!

Joel went-out from his house to clear-up some snow when at some point, he heard a noise from the wooden trailer house, it was actually the guy screaming for help! Joel approached quickly and there he found-out that the guy is trapped inside. Joel had no idea how to get him out of there, nor he wants to destroy anything so he can free the guy. Escape players, will you have an idea so you can help Joel here help the trapped guy?

Wooden Container House Escape is a brand new point and click trailer rescue escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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