Mercer House Rescue

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Tony’s friend lives in a tropical area where he will be until he ends, that’s Mercer’s dream and Tony of course supported him until finally he was living in it now. The house was awesome and quite luxurious, it looked very traditional too and Tony likes it as well. That day, Tony traveled far to visit his friend and maybe enjoy the ambiance there too which Mercer had told him about that it wasn’t anything he had felt before. Tony arrives finally and it was still early in the morning for he had left dark, but when he called out to his friend from outside instead of a greeting he was met with a scream for help coming from a room inside!

Mercer was trapped in his own home and Tony had no idea why that happened to him! Of course he will rescue his friend for that’s what’s important, he will eventually get some answers in the end but for now it is rescue time. Escape players, will you help Tony here get inside Mercer’s house with nothing but what you can find in the immediate area? Try your best then and stay alert as well for you don’t know what to expect in there.

Mercer House Rescue is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Genie Fun Games.