Find The Mystery Apple

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The forest nearby harbors very strange items, but nothing is more stranger than the mysterious apple which rumor has it that it’s the apple of discord, an apple that possesses mysterious powers which nobody completely understands yet. One of the person who was curious of it, Julius decided he’ll go and find that apple for maybe he has luck? Such a brave one even though a lot of people have already tried and failed, some even lost their lives. It is a dangerous attempt, but for Julius however who knows what things he will uncover if he gets his hands on that apple, that’s if he can get to it though.

Julius is now following the trail heading deeper in the forest and as he went, the path becomes even scarier. In the back of his mind he wishes he had never brought this on to himself, but it’s already said and was being done so he must continue. Escape players, Julius had already gone way too far from the point of no return, will you help him instead find that mysterious apple and get this dangerous task done?

Find The Mystery Apple is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games.