Escape From The Rock Gate Game

Escape From The Rock Gate

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The town opens its new outdoor museum and it was very different than any other, there is a reason why the museum needs to be an outdoor one and one of those reasons is the place showcasing the ancient rock structures there which are deep rooted and heavy to move, from then on the strange stones had fascinated people even the outsiders and when the museum opened years ago, guests had flocked the town! That day, Brando was off from work due to the holiday and that day he decided to bring his family to the said town's museum so they can witness something new.

The entire day the family spent quality time in the museum and everything had been well, it turned sideways unfortunately for when they were about to leave for the people were slowly leaving the place for it's near closing-time, they got lost in the maze-like paths there and in the end, the museum closed while they were inside! This is some problem they got themselves into and because Brando was the head of the family, he needs to get them all out safely. Escape players, place yourself on the shoes of Brando here and try to get his family out of the place as safely as possible.

Escape From The Rock gate is a brand new point and click location escape game released by 8b Games.

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