Fantasy Floral House Escape Game

Fantasy Floral House Escape

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The floral house is like a cake shop showroom or something for the place is filled with floral orders and decorations. Cherry accepts floral orders and because her business had been booming ever since, she has now time to squeeze in and decorate her luxurious house with floral designs too, that is also to showcase to her visitors that her decors are beautiful and they should order from her if they want to. One day, Cherry had nothing to do so to keep herself busy, she takes some of her stock decorations in one of the rooms so it can then be sent to her shops. But at some point though when she was about to get inside that said room, she realized that it was darn locked and the keys won't even work! That's why she tried her front-door to get some tools outside but then she found that it was locked as well.

It's like time froze in the room or something specifically to the doors for none of them would open, she doesn't know what's going-on and she can't ask help too for her phone was inside another which was now locked and she is alone at the moment for the other family members have some errands outside. Cherry only has herself to solve this problem and she has to do it now. Escape players, will you help Cherry here who was confused so she can escape from being trapped in her own house?

Fantasy Floral House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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