Maned Wolf Escape

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The Maned Wolf was one of the greatest discoveries of your time. But people thought they were already extinct. So the hunt for them stopped and the forest where they were found didn’t have any visitors for a long time. You also believed that they no longer existed. It was a very sad news for you as you were one of those who guarded the forest. You were very willing to spend some sleepless nights for their protection. And when you heard the news of their extinction, it was totally heartbreaking. Then again, it didn’t stop you from going back to the forest. You were still hoping that some of them were just hiding. And that if you look hard for them, you’d discover that they were still alive and well. A few weeks had already passed without any sign of them.

Some people would have easily given up. However, you couldn’t find it in your heart to do so. So you went back to the forest a couple times more until you saw a cage. There shouldn’t be any type of cage there and when you got closer, you saw that inside it was a maned wolf. Play Maned Wold Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.