Wolf Forest Escape ( Games Zones 15)

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You went to the forest to gather some fruits but fruits are not what you saw. It seems weird that the bush moves on its own. You thought that it was your brother with some prank but what popped out of the bush scares you. It was a big wolf and looks like he is hungrier than you are. The thing is, wolves don’t eat fruits. They are not herbivores, they are carnivores which mean that they eat meat. Since you are a meat in his vision, there is a big chance that he wants you for his dinner. This is the least thing that you want to happen so you have to find the quickest way to escape from this forest. The wolf left the vicinity but you have a feeling that he is not gone for good.

You can feel that he just called his wolf friends so you have to get out from this place before they come. You have to stay calm and think of a great escape plan so you can get away from this forest faster. Wolf Forest Escape ( Games Zones 15) is the newest room escape game by Games Zone 15. Good luck and have fun!

Walkthrough video for Wolf Forest Escape ( Games Zones 15)


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