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Mechanic Escape

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You were once working in an office where you had to make reports for various people. It was fine for the first few years. But when the management changed, you began to perform tasks that were beyond your job descriptions. It seemed like you became a secretary for everyone. You tried to assert yourself but it was only seen as being arrogant. You likewise tried talking to the management but they just couldn't do anything about it. One of the things that they made you do was to fix a pipe. You didn't like the fact that they asked you to do it. But you definitely enjoyed working on the pipes. It seemed like a big puzzle you had to solve and you enjoyed the work so much. Just then you had an idea. You were ready to leave the work you had to to be a mechanic.

It was a huge decision but you were ready to stand by it. You looked for a place that would hire you and compensate you justly for the work you were doing. A huge project came and you were part of it. You had to be underground to perform your job. You had no problem with it as long as you were with your group. But the moment you were in the underground tunnel, you found it hard to keep track of their positions. Play Mechanic Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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