Goudown Escape

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Goudown, the place you wished not to visit. You were peacefully making biscuits in the kitchen of Lady Lakeworth when you received a letter from an unknown person. Your friend was a bit worried as she watched you open it. However, in your mind, you already knew who would send you a letter without a name. Your biscuits were already sending off a sweet aroma inside the kitchen. But reading the letter made you forget all about it. Just then, your assistant in the kitchen rushed in to save the biscuits. She tapped you light on the shoulder and showed you the product. You glanced at the biscuits and left her with instructions for the rest of the day while removing your apron. Your confidante in the castle already had your horse waiting at the back door. Then you immediately went to Goudown.

How could so many biscuits be involved in one day? The letter contained a quest to search for the golden biscuits. Those golden treats remained a secret for so long. But someone finally broke into the room where it was. Who knew what he would do with those. But you knew you had to get them back quickly. Play Goudown Escape room escape game by NSR Games.