Magic Mirror Escape Game

Magic Mirror Escape

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Jacob got this antique mirror and somehow as he looks at it, he just feels he is in a trance and it's a good thing at least for him. For days the mirror did nothing for of course it shouldn't, and Jacob slowly gets the comfort on the back of his mind that the thing is not cursed or haunted, even then he doesn't want to get rid of it if either of which are so. One day, the mirror finally did a thing and of course Jacob was not at all expecting that!

Jacob looked in his mirror and he began that trance again, but he snapped-out in the middle of it and when he looked around, he was not in his house anymore! The mirror was still there but the room was not his! He was in a mansion which looked abandoned due to the cobwebs and dusty furniture, he was scared definitely and confused, finally he got what he was looking for even though the thought is just at the back of his mind. Jacob is now in a situation which really confuses him, did he just travel back in time? Or to another reality? Or what about in a different location far away from his? Jacob needs to think carefully for the mirror brought him there, it could be the only thing that can get him back. Escape players, want to join Jacob here and see if you can solve this craziest problem in his life?

Magic Mirror Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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