Separate Place Escape Game

Separate Place Escape

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You have been trapped in your room for quite a while now and the food storage is slowly getting empty, you have to get out from there but it's too dangerous to get out yet so if you stay as well. Finally, you eventually decided to just leave and maybe return with what little supplies you can find, hopefully there will be a lot that you can find and set you even longer. First you must solve the issue though regarding with your door, for you have jammed it so much that even you couldn't open it. You have to open that with everything you can find without making too much noise as well.

Escape players, it's a good thing the room has a lot of things apart from food and water now which can get you by, you may use those items and hopefully one can really open the door no problem. Use your skills and logic in-order to solve this one and as you escape, be very careful as well.

Come and try this escape adventure everyone, from a small room where you are currently trapped. Separate Place Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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